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Photo Collage

Family Data

DNA Testing. All about my DNA ancestry test.

Hand-written family trees.  This is a set of hand-written family trees which kicked off my family archive project.  I originally got these from my brother John.

Letters.  A series of letters covering family data on my maternal (Curry) line and Diana's paternal (Granton/Grapentine) line.

Ray Curry Project.  In 1993 Ray Curry contacted Mildred Coupe (nee Curry), my aunt, about a Curry Family Tree project.  Here are a series of letters from him to her.



Genealogy Topics


The Name Gough.  Most likely of Welsh origin.  Read about it via this link.

Reference Documents. Miscellaneous documents about genealogy and name history.

Gough Name.  Something I picked up in Ireland.

Gough Cave in Cheddar England.

DNA Link to the Cheddar Man found in Gough cave.

Links.  Some useful links to web sites involving genealogy.




Wine.  For some tips on wines under $15.

Photos.  Family pictures and document images.

Family Quotes.  Mostly humorous quotes by family members recalled from the past.

Videos.  Streaming videos of family events. These are DivX streaming videos.  You may be asked to install a DivX plugin.

Family Voice & Photos.  Hear what folks sounded like in 2001.

Dick's Baby Book.  Written in my mother's hand.

Newport House Book.  What to do in Newport.

Menus.  From holiday dinners and special occasions.

Christmas Newsletters.  Starting in 1986.  See the evolution of computer printing.

Favorite QuotesSome quotes that have resonated with me over the years.