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Photo Collage

 cookSome time ago we asked family members (mostly the kids) what were some of their favorite dishes as they were growing up.  Our families gathered recipes based on their nominations.  Hopefully this way the recipes will not be lost in the mists of history.   Kids Favs

Diana is an excellent cook.  She has collected many recipes over the years (and thrown many away).  Some time ago, she created a computer database of her favorite recipes.  She organized them as Word files in 3x5 card format so she can print them out on demand.  When they get too gravy-splattered she prints new ones.  There are approximately 430 recipes in her collection.  Here they are organized in the same categories Diana uses.  As you can tell from this collection, I eat well.    Diana's Recipes  

You can also use the search function at the top of the page  to find a particular recipe, like -- purely randomly -- Sicilian Chocolate Cake.  (Search on Sicilian).  Use your browser's back button to return here.

Here are Diana's 2022 Recipes View