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Shows from the '00s

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Shows from the 90's

Earlier Shows

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P DisneyWorld.  Connor, Beckett, Corey, Diana, and I went to DisneyWorld in late August. (14 min)

D Connor at Bat.  Connor is a tough batter to slip one past. (1 min, 14 sec)

D Beckett Graduates.  After 5 years at Helen Gordon Beck begins his post graduate work. (57 sec)

D Connor as Bee in 1st Grade Play.  Connor, second from left, part of a quartet in his first grade play. (1 min, 45 sec)

D Beck at T-Ball.  Beckett with 3rd base dance and at the bat. (51 sec)

D Ruby Waves and Eats. Ruby combines waving and eating. (8 sec)

D Connor Basketball.  Connor sinks one. (42 sec.)


P Boys at the Beach.  Connor and Beckett visit Papa and Grammy at the beach.  Corey joins the fun.  Diana's photos (13 min)


D Boys at Sea.  Connor & Beckett frolic in the waves at Newport

P Chris & Mel Wedding.  Chris and Melanie got married at the Resort at the Mountain on August 15. (6 min)

P Gough Reunion DVD.  We got together after Chris and Melanie's wedding for a small family reunion.  This is the DVD we passed out.

D Andie push Gus.  A DivX video of Andie's new trick.  Taught by Diana.

P Connor Graduation. Video and stills of Connor's graduation from the Helen Gordon Child Development Center with a few stills from a zoo trip next day.

D   Face Painting. A party at Helen Gordon, the boys' school.  Here is a DivX video recording the event.  If you have a high bandwidth internet connection you may want to view the HD Version (view this full screen): FacePaintingHD

P The Sunshine Boys ProShow A 3& 1/2 minute ProShow containing the DivX video below plus several others.  Depending on web traffic, this could take a while to download before starting.

D Connor & Beckett Prepare for American Idol  A quick DivX video of the Sunshine Boys...


P Connor & Beckett in 2008.  A three and a half minute show of some highlights of "the boys" during 2008.

P Connor at the Beach.  A 5 minute show of Connor's visit to our Newport Beach house.  Includes views of the Siletz Pow Wow.

P 4th of July Parade.  A one and a half minute show of the Lake Oswego 4th of July parade.

P Beckett at the Zoo.  A two minute trip to the Portland zoo.


P Connor & Beckett 2007.  A five minute show of some highlights of "the boys" during 2007.

P Dottie Gilbert's 90th.  Li and Corey host a birthday celebration for Connor & Beckett's great-grandmother. (3m, 45s)

P Melanie & Chris visit Thailand.  A ten minute ProShow of their vacation.


P Connor & Beckett 2006.  A six minute show of some highlights of "the boys" during 2006.

S Cactus Garden.  A slide show of the Cactus Garden at Ethel M in Las Vegas.

D Connor's PC practice.  (Connor is 28 months old at this point). This game requires hand-eye coordination.  You win when the car drives off the screen 

P Beckett Birthday.  A brief show of Beckett's 0th birthday.

Beckett Slide Show.  First pictures taken March 31, 2006. 


P Connor Year 2. Tells the story in pictures  and music of some memorable moments in grandson Connor's second year. (8 minutes)


P Connor Year 1 Tells the story in pictures and music of some memorable moments in grandson Connor's first year. (4 minutes)


P Diana's Garden Evolution. Shows Diana's garden from original planting in 1996 through first four years. (4 minutes)





P Newport.  We built a vacation home in Newport, Oregon in 1996.  This is a tour of the house in 2008. (5 minutes)



P Lost Valley Ranch.  We flew from Stamford and met the Heises for a reunion vacation at Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado, spending a few days on our own in Denver. (5 minutes)


P California with Boys.  We flew from Connecticut to San Francisco and drove down the coast.  Moo! (9 minutes)


P Summers on Cape Cod.  Chris & Corey were young boys and we spent several summers on Cape Cod often with the Heises: Don and Kay and their sons, Doug and Steve. (6 minutes)


 Wedding. Dick and Diana get married in Los Angeles on November 15, 1969. See Dick with hair. This is a streaming video (14 minutes)