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Photo Collage
  Globe  The ProShow  slide shows below require Windows and a high-speed internet link to view.  View How To   Click on the name to see the show.  You will need to use Internet Explorer to see these kinds of shows.  If you use the Chrome browser, you will have to download the show to your desktop and play it from there.
Several of the more recent trips are in streaming video format and will play on any screen that supports a browser.  Just click on the link - no driver need be downloaded. 
21st Century Trips

Trips Taken in the 90's


Gough Family Hawaii. During spring break we took a "bucket list" family vacation to Hawaii for all ten of us. This is a streaming video.


American Cruise Lines. In April we took an American Cruise Lines ship tour of the Southeast coast of the US called the Golden Isles Cruise.  We also spent time in Charleston and St. Augustine on our own.  This is a streaming video.


New Zealand. In February we took a Tauck trip to New Zealand and also went on 3 tours by locals while there. (14 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Disneyworld and Gulf Coast. We took a return family vacation to Disneyworld with Corey, Whitney, Connor and Beckett, the some time on our own on the Gulf Coast.  This is a streaming video.


Vancouver Island. From late August to early September we visited Vancouver Island, Canada. This is a streaming video.


San Jose del Cabo.  From February 29th through March 8 we visited Los Cabos, staying in San Jose del Cabo at Casa Natalia. (8.5 minutes). This is a streaming video.


Disneyworld and Gulf Coast.  We took a family vacation to Disneyworld with Corey, Connor, and Beckett, then some time on our own on the Gulf Coast. This is a streaming video.


California Coast.  In late May and early June we took a car trip from Newport, OR to Morro Bay, CA, returning via Paso Robles and Ashland, OR.  Gave us the chance to attend Dick Napp's 80th birthday party. (11 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Turkey & Greece. In May and June we traveled first to Cappadocia, Turkey on our own then joined a Tauck tour of Istanbul, the Turkey coast, Aegean Greek islands, and Greece proper.  Loading time will vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. (17 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Tanzania. In late August and early September we traveled to Tanzania in East Africa for a photo safari with Overseas Adventure Travel.  This ProShow is quite large with numerous video clips and may take several minutes to begin depending on the speed of your internet connection.  (15 minutes). This is a streaming video.

Snapshots from Tanzania.  This is a page of thumbnails -- mostly people photos.  Click on a thumbnail to see a full sized picture.  Right-click the picture to copy to your PC.  You can find the name of the photo after clicking on the thumbnail.  The name will be in the tab or top of the photo window. 

If you'd rather just watch a captioned slide show of these photos, click here

Sunriver.  In mid July we spent a few days hiking around Sunriver, Oregon with our friends Jim and Louise Weiss. (5 minutes)

Southwest.  In late April and early May we took a two week trip through the Southwest.  We flew to Phoenix, rented an SUV, and drove through Arizona and New Mexico ending in Santa Fe. (11 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Russia, et al.  In late August we began a 26 day trip to Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, and Finland with Vantage Travel.  This ProShow combines stills, scans, video, and music from that trip. (29 minutes). This is a streaming video.

Churches of Eastern Europe This is a companion piece to the show above.  We saw many churches on our trip and heard a few acappella choirs.  This combines the two. There is some duplication of photos from the show above but hopefully not too much.  (4 minutes)

Ventana Canyon Hike.  An early morning hike in Ventana Canyon in Tucson, AZ taken in April.  (4 minutes)


Eastern Canada. September.  A Tauck trip to Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. (13 minutes)

Wine Picnic & Spruce Goose.  June. A picnic at the Elk Cove winery and a visit to the Evergreen Air museum in McMinville. (3 minutes)

Grand Canyon North Rim.  May. A brief show of some scenes from the North Rim of the Canyon. (4 minutes)

Belize and Costa Rica.  February. Tells the story of our trip to Belize and Costa Rica.  Belize on our own for a week; Costa Rica was a 10 day Tauck tour.  The audio starts about 5 seconds before the video. (20 minutes)


Hawaii.  February. A two week trip to the Big Island and Maui.  Starts with a stay at the Shipman House B&B in Hilo.  We took this trip on our own. (12 minutes)

China.  May.  A  three week Tauck tour of mainland China and Hong Kong.   (17 minutes) This is a streaming video.

The Children of China.  A slide show of the children of China from Beijing to Hong Kong, done in May, 2005.  Accompanied by music of China. (8 minutes)


Danube Cruise   The story of our Vantage President's cruise on the Danube, starting in Budapest.  The trip went from Budapest to Passau, Germany by boat and then to Prague by bus.  From  Prague we flew to Amsterdam for a few days on our own. (19 minutes) This is a streaming video.

Death Valley.  A composite show of multiple trips to Death Valley National Park, all on our own. (9 minutes)

Wine Picnic Some good food and wine in Oregon in summer (3 minutes)


Bath, Cotswold, London. September. One week Tauck tour begins in Bath. (6 minutes) This is a streaming video.

Edinburgh A few days in Edinburgh between London and Ireland on our own. (2 minutes)

Ireland 10 day B&B driving trip to Ireland on our own. (11 minutes)

Music Credits. The music track descriptions for the preceding three shows. (1 minute)


Hawaii Highlights.  We've taken a number of trips to Hawaii.  Our favorite islands are the Big Island and Maui. These are some highlight photos including Diana's photo study, Textures of Hawaii. (17 minutes)

Matchu Picchu & Galapagos October.  A Tauck trip to South America plus time on our own in Key West, Florida. (11 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Paris, NW France, & England A Tauck trip to NW France, the "Chunnel" Train to London, Bath & Stonehenge on our own. (12 minutes)

Music Credits The music soundtracks.


Australia. We took our first Tauck tour. Seeing Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Cairns, and Sydney. This is a 17 minute show. This is a streaming video.



Concorde QE2. For this American Express trip we flew to New York, took the Concorde to London, spent a few days there and returned via the QE 2 from Southhampton.  It was our 30th anniversary year and both the QE2 and the Concorde were 30.  (6 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Italy.  This was a Perillo tour and Diana's first trip to Europe. (8 minutes) This is a streaming video.


Las Vegas Composite A composite show based on several trips to Las Vegas beginning in 1997 all on our own. (16 minutes)


Southwest.  This was a three week car trip taken during an Intel sabbatical.  We started in Tucson and ended in Taos. This is a streaming video.

Trips Taken Earlier

Hawaii 1974.  Dick's first trip to Hawaii with American Express, taken when Chris was about 1 year old. (10 minutes)