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Photo Collage

July, 2023

We took a cruise out of Boston on American Cruise Lines. View

September, 2020

We've replaced the flooring in our Newport beach house and added some carpet tiles. Here is a house tour: View

January, 2020

Sadly my older brother, John, passed away on January 15th.  The cause of death was septic shock leading to organ failure.  He died a few months short of his 84th birthday.  He had been in poor health for a couple of years but was in good spirits.  He was a great brother and we will miss him.

September, 2019

Here's a revised Overview of Our New Apartment in the Village at Mary's Woods


Here is the surrounding neighborhood View

I left a few details out of the original overview.  See them here: View


December, 2018

We’re Moving.

We’ve sold our home of 24 years and are moving into an apartment here in Lake Oswego.  Going from 2900 to 1400 square feet.  Next March I’ll be 80 years old and in November Diana and I will have been married for 50 years—seems like the right time.

About 2.5 years ago we were invited to attend a briefing on a major ($220 million, 9 buildings) expansion of a local continuing care retirement community (CCRC) at Mary’s Woods.  So we became “pioneers” which came with a number of benefits.  To participate we needed to put down 10% of the move-in costs which was put into escrow at US Bank.  If we were to change our minds we would get back our deposit plus interest.  Moreover if our health condition necessitated moving into assisted living, we were guaranteed a place.  Seemed like a no-brainer to us plus the lunch was pretty good.

Well, the 2.5 years are up and on January 17th we begin moving into the Villages at Mary’s Woods, Collin Building, apartment 113.  Here’s more about the Village: View.  We will be among the first 28 residents (of about 300) to move.  Interestingly, all 200 apartments already have depositors prior to anyone actually moving in—I think there’s a market there.

Fortunately neither of us needed to play the assisted living card and our health remains good despite the nicks and dings of all the years.  We plan to live independently as long as we can but if that is not possible, the Village provides in-apartment care, assisted living, memory care, and nursing care on campus.  Also our apartment includes cable TV, wireless internet, all utilities, underground parking, and a helpful staff for routine maintenance or assistance.

As many of you know we also have a vacation home in Newport on the coast.  We plan to keep that and use it as before.

After we move in and settle, I’ll produce a video tour of our new place.


May, 2017.

I've made a number of conversions of ProShow slide shows to streaming videos.  The slide shows only work with Microsoft's original Internet Explorer which is very limiting (I use Google Chrome, for example).  The streaming videos will work on any screen: PC, Mac, iPad, smart phone, etc.  Click on the Trips link above to find which trips have been converted.

April, 2017.

We have a streaming video of our family vacation to Hawaii.  View

April, 2016

Here is a streaming video of our American Cruise Lines tour of the Southeast coast: View

December 1.

Here is the Gough Christmas Times for 2015. View.

March 14, 2015.

We took a two week vacation to New Zealand.  Here is a streaming video of the trip. View

December 13, 2014.

Our 2014 Christmas Newsletter is here: View

September, 2014.

We took a two week vacation to Florida with Corey, Whitney, Connor, and Beckett with some time on our own on the Gulf Coast.  here is a streaming video: View

December 9, 2013.

Our 2013 Christmas Newsletter is here: View

September, 2013.

We took a two week vacation to Vancouver Island, Canada.  Here is a streaming video of the trip: View

December 9, 2012.

Our 2012 Christmas Newsletter is here: View

November 30.

Our 2011 Christmas Newsletter is here: View

October 25.

Sample iPhone 4S HD Video: View

September 19.

Our trip with Corey and the grandkids to DisneyWorld plus some time in Florida on our own: View

June 9.

Four Connor and Beckett Videos -- Baseball and Graduation: GoThere

Jan 27, 2011.

Two new videos in Gough Events: GoThere

December 3.

Our 2010 Christmas Newsletter: View

Sept 26.

A family portrait.  View

July 19.

New ProShow with Diana's photos: Connor & Beckett at the Beach: View

July 4.

Added a new streaming video -- Our car trip down the California Coast: View

Diana made a special dessert for our 4th: View

May 16.

Some flag football shots: View

April 18.

Beckett and Connor as iPod Gamers: View

April 11.

Connor and Beckett get ready for some football...View

March 29.

Photos from the Beckett-Papa Birthday Celebration: View

March 5.

Chris and Melanie have a new daughter and we have a new granddaughter: View

Feb 15.

Connor at Basketball.  Here is a photo of Connor sampling shirt flavor: View

Here is a DivX Video of some practice and game play: View

Jan 11.

Beckett and Connor at PapaGrammy's Computer Lab.  View