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Family Portrait, September, 2010

Diana's July 4th Dessert 

It's a cheesecake.

Flag Football

The team huddles

Connor and Beck wait to be called

Leo waits to be petted

Beck losing focus

Connor and Fillipo

Gamer Boys

Beck has the iPhone and Conner the iPod Touch

Connor and Beckett in Football Uniforms

Beckett and Connor in Uniforms                                          Beckett and Connor with Flags

Connor, Age 6, in Football Uniform

Photos from March Birthday Celebration

Birthday King Beckett

Two Birthday Kings

Corey and Andie

Corey and Gus

Diana and Ruby

New granddaughter Ruby Ann

Papa and Ruby

Grammy and Ruby

Connor Basketball Practice

He likes the flavor of his shirt.

The Computer Lab

Beckett, 3 and Connor, 6 at PapaGrammy's Computer Lab

Current Photos