Beckett PC Lesson

Beckett tackling a PC challenge

Success!  Beckett will be 3 in late March.

Civil War Weekend Visit

Beckett discovers Santa

Beck loves to wear the "Christmas Hat"

Connor, I think what you're looking for is there.

November, 2008.  Newport Morning

A few of the hundred or so pelicans we saw

One misty, moisty morning when cloudy was the weather I chanced to meet a pelican all clothed in feathers...  (Nov 18)

Morning Light.  November 14.  Temperature 51F.

Spindrift from the East wind.

Sunset.  Red sky at night, sailors delight.

Last light.

November, 2008.  Boys overnight.

Beckett (AKA Frank Sinatra): Come Fly With Me

Tense laptop moment

Joint farming

October, 2008.  Halloween.

Pumpkin cat with a carrot tail

Martini and Ribs....Mmmmmmm.

Kids at the door

An elephant, knight and friends.

Sir Connor.

A worried elephant

Spook Beckett

Beck: "I'm not OK"

August, 2008.  Photos from Chris' Birthday

Connor and Beckett at Chris' Birthday

The family at Chris' Birthday

Chris & Melanie with Andie giving kisses...

July, 2008. Sunglasses

Caught by Paparazzi.  Too cool to show emotion.

July, 2008.  Watering.

Aiming to fill the dish.  If you bite your tongue you might hit the dish...

Connor fills the dish.

Cans for both boys.  Pretty wet at this point.

June, 2008.  Some Impressive Hobbyist Train Sets

Thomas the Tank Engine waiting for Sir Topham Hatt

Beckett & Connor watching "toy" trains video: View

Connor runs with the train video: View

The train village at stop #5.

Beckett and Gram watch the trains...

June, 2008.  Garden Party at Helen Gordon Child Development Center

Connor as a Garden Elf

Beckett Painting Rocks

Connor getting his face painted

Fireman Beckett on the slide

A Video of the Garden Party  (I think Beckett wants a digital camera...)
June, 2008.  Martini Lab

While in Newport we began work on a new martini for the 4th of July.  Hint:
You cannot deduce the formula from what is shown here...

May, 2008.  Some Connor & Beckett Photos

I suspect they both want the same toy...

Are grammy's shoes too big?

Connor & Beckett make a slide train

One of us is smiling...

May, 2008.  Connor & Beckett at PC

Connor has a problem with Javascript and asks Beckett's help...   

May, 2008.  Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Use the elevator bar at the screen bottom to view the panorama.

Panoramic shot of Spider Rock in the Navaho reservation.

April, 2008.  Sedona, Arizona.

We're on a two week vacation driving through the Southwest.  We've started in Phoenix and will end in Santa Fe.  Here are some shots along the way.

Diana with an elk in Sedona.

Dick with a stallion in Sedona.

April, 2008.  Several Photos of Beckett at the Play Gym...

What are you doing on MY railroad?                                         Ride 'em cowboy


Hang Time...                                                                               I know I can ride this thing...


I think I have one foot too many...

March, 2008.  Pictures from Helen Gordon Child Development Center

They told me to smile...                                                              Wow, I wonder if I can grab the camera...

March, 2008.  Birthday Photos

Andie's not afraid of leopards...

Corey has passed on his love of Sammy to Beckett who's checking the flavor...

Not feeling too well, Connor has gorilla-monkey while Beckett points out Thomas the Tank Engine...

A few Hawaii shots...

We had a picnic at the Volcano National Park outside Hilo and had this visiting Nene

We rented a condo at the Mauna Lani Resort on the Kolhala coast and this cardinal kept pecking on our window looking for food  (we didn't give him any)

This is a sign of gas prices to come to the mainland.  This was taken in Paia, Maui

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