The last rose of summer.  Diana's garden November 6, 2007. 

Some photos from Russia

Diana at Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral

Diana finds a bear in Svirstroi, Russia

Out the window at Kitzhi Island World Heritage Site

Dick finds a bear holding a pig on the cruise to St. Petersburg

The grand ballroom at St. Catherine's palace near St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tallinn, Estonia Lower Old Town from Upper Old Town

Andie the Super Dog

Waiting for Ice Cream

Am I Scary?

The Devil waits patiently as Daddy plays with an iPhone

Connor as Buzz LightYear

Liane with Buzz and the Little Devil

The Little Devil Trying to Escape

Buzz guarded by SuperDog

The Devil takes a cracker

Gram and Papa missed the photo

Devil with a bib

We celebrate Corey's 32nd birthday.

Al together for Corey's birthday.

Top Row: Dick, Corey, Chris

Second Row: Li, Beckett, Diana, Melanie

Third Row: Connor.

Connor likes his dessert

Beckett likes playing in Gram's water glass...

But they're empty!

Chris and Melanie.  Can you tell Chris has recently been to Ireland?

Anybody up there got food?

Corey, Connor, and Beckett spend some time with us in Newport.

Walking the Beach...

Circle the crab

Connor studies an Oregon Coast puzzle key

Beckett Mastering the Fork

Connor and Corey with Kite

Beckett in the sand

Beckett finds another use for the sand pail

Connor with Sand Castle

Reading with Daddy...or a Tale of Two Gagoos


From bones to clothes.  Connor gets a new puzzle -- The visible boy.

Some pictures from Chris' 34th Birthday Celebration

The birthday boy

Li & Corey

A box of Beckett...

Presenting the cake

C'mon, Beckett, won't you share?

Oh, Hell, the cake is gone...

Beckett starring in the tub

Connor and Beckett visit for an overnight in June

Super clean Beckett...


Rub-a-dub-dub, two boys in a tub...

Father's Day, 2007

Fathers Day

Connor, Corey, Beckett.  Connor shows marks from a concrete face-plant.


If you tickle, he will smile...

Connor visits model train setups.  The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys...

Connor Trains

Daddy, will you put one of these in our back yard?


Ok then, what about one in our play room?

Connor and Beckett visited for an overnight so Li & Corey could celebrate their 5th anniversary...

Connor Pushes

Connor pushes Beckett on his airplane...

 Fire Truck

  Beckett riding the Fire Truck...

Corey killing time in Hawaii.  It's an 80 lb. marlin and he really caught it.



Easter 2007 Photos

Table set for Easter 2007


Spring Lamb by Diana


Traditional English Trifle by Diana


I think he has that grin because he found his final egg...


Beckett checking out the furniture...

Beckett's First Birthday Photos

Birthday Wow

Wow! All these gifts...


Look at this neat music maker...

Good Cake

This cake is good stuff...

Will It Fit

I think it'll fit...

Don't Tell

Shhhh!  Don't tell anyone I ate the whole thing... 

boys and pots

Connor and Beckett Play with Pots

Beckett Golobe

Beckett likes the Step & Play Piano...


Connor as Robot.  His shirt says: "I do all my own stunts."


Our first crocus of 2007.  February 12.


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