The Curry Family Tree Project

Around 1993 Ray Curry contacted Mildred Coupe (nee Curry), my aunt, and asked for her assistance in helping to create a Curry Family Tree book.  Ultimately the project was cancelled due to Ray's untimely death.

However there are several letters that Ray sent to Mil which she subsequently sent to Michael Gough as he expressed an interest in family genealogy.  Mike has given all this material to me and, as a first step, I've reproduced here those letters from 1993.

1.  January 19, 1993.

2.  January 23, 1993

3.  February, 1993 

4.  April, 1993  Photo (Mildred identified the couple on the left as her father's parents, Thomas P. Curry and Matilda Conradine Becker (aka Tillie).  Tree

5.  July, 1993 

6.  Letter from Mil to Mike