DivX How To
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We've all been through this...


You need a high-speed internet connection to view DivX videos.  You can do this with either a PC or a Mac.

Click on a DivX link to start the video.  If you do not have DivX software installed on your PC you will be asked to install a plug-in.  You will only have to do this once.  Alternatively you can go to the DivX site and download and install a DivX web player from there:  Windows or MacDX1

When you click on a link, a panel will appear that looks like this


It will display several progress indicators in the center of the screen as it loads the video.  At the bottom of this screen you can pause, stop, etc.  On the lower right you can adjust the playback volume.

If you right-click on this screen, you will get a list of options:


  The show will start playing automatically.  You can pause it using the controls.   You can right-click the show at any time to see the set of options above.    Try It