Doris Granton’s Ham Spread

  •   2 cup chopped ham

  •    2 ¼ ounces pitted black olives (one-half of a 4 ½ ounce can)

  •    5 T. sweet pickle relish

  •    4-5 eggs, hard boiled and chilled

  •    5 T. mayonnaise

  •    1 ½ t. prepared mustard

  •    pepper and paprika to taste

Serve in a sandwich or as appetizers on crackers

Using meat grinder (coarse blade) or a food processor, grind ham, olives and eggs.  Pour into large bowl.  In a small bowl, mix relish, mayonnaise and mustard. Fold mayonnaise mixture into ham mixture.  Season to taste with pepper and paprika.  Chill.  Before serving, add more mayonnaise if desired. 

Contributed by Diana & Dick Gough