Iced Tea  

  •   6 Family size tea bags or 18 cup size bags

  •    2 cups of orange juice     

  •    1 lemon         

  •    12 packets of Splenda to taste.

Use your coffee maker to make the tea: put the bags into a coffee carafe, fill the coffee maker with water, and turn on.  When all the water has been dispensed by the coffee maker remove the carafe.  Let the carafe remain at room temperature for about 1 hour steeping the tea bags.  Remove the bags gently squeezing them then add the Splenda.   Put the carafe in the refrigerator until chilled.

Use an empty 1 gallon water or milk jug.  Pour the concentrated tea into the jug.  Add the orange and lemon juice and fill with water to the top of the jug.  Refrigerate.

Contributed by Josh and Dan Gough

This isn't the exact way our mother used to make iced tea but is a worthy approximation.